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  • All in one single tank type
  • Single tank type
  • This cleaner features an oscillator and a vibrator which
    are combined together. It is easy to move when supplying
    or draining water since this cleaner is equipped with
    casters at the bottom.
MODEL HS-200W HS-400W HS-600W HS-1200W HS-1500W HS-2400W
TANK (L*W*H) Internal Dimension 210*160*180 290*240*220 360*280*250 500*400*300 550*450*350 700*700*600
External Dimension 310*260*370 390*340*410 460*380*440 620*500*630 700*680*650  
Ultrasonic Power 200W 400W 600W 1200W 1500W 2400W
Solvent Capacity 5ℓ 12ℓ 20ℓ 60ℓ 80ℓ 120ℓ
Power Supply 1.3KW 1.5KW 1.9KW 2.5KW 3.5KW 5KW
Transducer B.L.T B.L.T B.L.T B.L.T B.L.T B.L.T